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A Scientific Approach to Microphones

Here at TZ Audio Products, we understand what makes a microphone sound amazing. That is why our microphones are designed only to use high-quality parts and a great sounding capsule. We individually source each of the electrical components which are made specifically for audio applications. All the resistors have a tolerance of 1% or higher. Our capsules are manufactured with highly accurate CNC machines that use diamond-tipped drill bits to precisely drill all holes with no variation. Furthermore, each capsule electrode is meticulously inspected to ensure a tolerance of 2 microns in flatness. Our capsules use 3 microns thick Mylar, which makes our capsules more sensitive than traditional design.

All this attention to detail in making our microphones also carries over to our quality control. By using custom-designed tools, we can test all microphone capsules and circuits with high efficiency. Frequency sweeps are conducted on each microphone to make sure every microphone produces the sound it is intended to.

We have created a highly efficient and careful way of producing microphones, making us able to provide customers with an incredible sounding microphone at a small fraction of the price of other manufacturers. Although affordable, no corners are cut, and nothing is left to chance.  


Below are images of our R&D center where we build and test new products. 

Here are some pictures of our testing procedures and custom quality control instruments.

Here are pictures of us making prototype capsules at our facility.